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Creo Customer: Grimme Potato Harvesters Feed Real World

I’ve been browsing the web site of Creo customer, Grimme. It turns out, growing potatoes is somewhat more complicated than Farmville has led us to believe. You can’t just press the “rake” icon, dump a burlap bag of seed on your field, and expect your potatoes to be ready a day later. You have to […]

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Using Creo: Creo Direct Modeling Express Interface

“PTC just launched Direct Modeling Express DME, for free no less! Now a free 3d Modeler is AWESOME but learning how to use it can be.. well less awesome. So here is the first video on how to get the interface crafted into something you are familiar with and usable. Lets get into it and turn […]

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Creo Customer: A tough lesson in good engineering

You may recall that PTC has an education program in which we support schools, universities, and students by providing access to our technology and training. And what do the young people do with all that Creo goodness? They wreck things. Vince and Alison explain: In the video, Allison mentions Creo customer Pitzer Consulting as it […]

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WorldCAD Access: More Free Creo Software from PTC

“First PTC released Creo Sketch 1.0 as free software, and yesterday Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0 followed… you can download it from This page has some tutorials, and lists the differences with the paid version.” Read the full article

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What is concept design? A product development perspective


It’s hard to get a straight answer when you Google, what is concept design? Search results come from architects, graphic artists, decorators, web masters, and every other creative type on the internet. That’s why I want to take a few paragraphs to talk about what we mean when we talk about concept design in product […]

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Safeguarding Design Concepts and IP


Intellectual property is the most important asset of a manufacturer and, if leaked to a competitor, can lead to lost market exclusivity and competitive advantage. Today, IP contained in product concept designs is increasingly at risk, along with the revenue and corporate know-how it represents. The threat to product IP has increased as a result […]

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Creo Customer: Livengood Declutters the Hospital Room

Falls at hospitals are both dangerous to patients and surprisingly common. In fact, they’re often used as a quality measure of facilities–and not in a good way; nobody wants to be the hospital with high accident numbers.   Medical journals are full of studies trying to pinpoint the cause and prevention of patient falls. But […]

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SolidSmack: PTC Excretes Creo Bliss- Direct Modeling Express Available for Free

“Here we go! PTC is steppin’ it up a notch and lathering our cad bagels with another free-to-squeeze ‘Creo app.’ No fiddling about with ‘Friskets’ and splines this time though. Now it’s all creamy, 3D infused app slapping that allows you to toy with their emotions direct modeling. And guess what? It’s also free. Let’s take a little look […]

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Desktop Engineering: Creo Elements/ Direct Modeling Express- A Free Push-Pull CAD Modeling App from PTC

“In Creo Direct Express, part modeling and assembly modeling are just a tab away. The software makes little or no distinction between the two. You can, for instance, create a new part within the assembly environment by sketching a profile on a new work plane and extruding it into a solid. It’s a lot easier […]

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Design Software for Tomorrow’s Engineers


If you keep up with the business press, you know that many are predicting a broad disruption to manufacturing soon. Not a political disruption as world leaders seek to lure factories with incentives. But rather, a technological disruption, as ideas like affordable 3D printing and community manufacturing centers take hold. Everyone brings a different view […]

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