21 essential Creo sites and links


Welcome to the prolific world of creo.ptc.com. We’ve been talking about all things Creo since October 2010. Products, demos, events, customer stories–if it involves Creo, we talk about it. At first, it was a few articles a week. But since the official release in mid-June it’s been one or two articles a day, not including posts that merely point to our press (there’s been a lot of that lately too). All together, we’ve posted 300 articles on creo.ptc.com.

How does anyone keep up?

For us, it’s pretty easy. But maybe you got busy. Maybe you forgot what happened back in post 182. Maybe this is your very first visit. No matter. To celebrate our milestone 300th post, we offer you this digest of the 21 essential Creo sites and links.

Bookmark, read, join, sign up, keep up, and celebrate with us!

See Creo 1.0

1. Watch Product Managers show and tell viewers about each of the key Creo apps

2.See free Creo tutorials on the PTC LearningExchange

3. Explore the library of Creo videos on youtube

4. Attend a live Creo 1.0 release event

5. Find out how your existing products map to the new Creo 1.0

6. Watch Brian Shepherd, EVP of product development, discuss Creos role in PTC’s vision and strategy.

7. Watch  an introduction to Creo 1.0 with Mike Campbell, DVP of Creo product development, and John Buchowski, VP of Creo Product Management.

Get Social about Creo

8. Follow us on twitter @PTC_Creo

9. Join the conversation on PlanetPTC Live Community

10. Find us on Facebook

11. Link via Linkedin

12. Read the blog and comment www.creo.ptc.com

What’s Creo?

13. Visit the Creo 1.0 Resource center

14. Explore the top FAQs

15. Watch dozens of video questions and answers

16. Understand the Creo breakthrough technologies.

What does the world say about Creo?

17. Hear how customers are using Creo

18. See all the latest reviews and commentary from the media

19. Find out why Creo is product of the month by Nasa Tech Briefs.

The future for Creo

20. Read our Creo eBook, exploring the evolution of Creo

Support us

21. Sign  the pledge to show your support of the PTC vision and strategy for design software.

Do you have links and sites about Creo you’d like other to visit? Add them as comments to this post.

Image  by Micah Taylor

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