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Beyond PLM: Electric Design and PLM Roadmap

“In the early beginning, solutions for manufacturing were focusing primarily on machinery and mechanical design. The historical reason here is simple – mechanical design was a key element of manufacturing for many years. However, the era of ‘mechanical design only’ ends. We can hear more and more about various aspects of combined solutions – Siemens […]

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Creo 1.0: Is Maintenance Support Worth My Bucks, Euros, or Yens with Creo 1.0?

For many, paying software maintenance is about ensuring access to the next major release—new features, enhancements, platform support, etc. It’s an idea largely unique to software. Imagine paying extra for your car so that the 2012, 2013, 2014 models are delivered to your door. The funny thing is, with a car, you’d know pretty much […]

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Creo Customers: RKS Reimagines the Water Bottle

In a recent post, I talked about RKS and its innovative guitars. Guitars are cool in general, but RKS made them even cooler with its customizable electric axes. World-class musicians responded. Did you see those photos of Bauhaus and the Rolling Stones holding RKS guitars? RKS has made a philosophy of creating designs that make […]

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Improving Product Quality


Product development engineers and designers are human, and as we all know, to err is human, right? Unfortunately in the increasingly competitive world of product design, making errors in the design of a new product can cost a company plenty in the form of costly reworks, expensive recalls, lost development time, lost revenue and possibly […]

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Jeff Rowe, Creo Questions, and

Jeffrey Rowe, Contributing Editor for MCAD Weekly Review (from recently posted a review of Creo 1.0. In it, Jeff asks a number of questions about Creo 1.0. Here’s his original questions with our answers, and where possible, we’ve also included further links offering a more in-depth explanation. ‘What about the level of Creo integration with industrial design and CAM? Especially CAM, because it […]

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Creo Customers: NASCAR Nose Redesign Puts the “Stock” Back in Stock Car Racing

Here’s a design challenge: Take a tricked out race car, make it look more like a production sedan, but don’t take away any of its performance. That’s what designer Bill Ferguson was asked to do with the 2011 nose redesign of the Ford Fusion and Chevy Impala for NASCAR. Unfortunately, some of those race car […]

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Automobilwoche: PTC Engineering Software Brings Apps for Creo

“The first role-based Creo apps were developed to optimize the engineering, manufacturing and service processes and increase the productivity of the individual participants. Benefit not only the design engineers and service personnel, technical illustrators and industrial designers who have promoted traditional processes of product development, in which they have used 3D direct or 3D parametric modeling, […]

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Creo Digital Digest: PTC Creates a New Design Paradigm with Creo 1.0

“Mapping out the future of the Creo product line Buchowski said that one of the functionalities the Creo team is the most focused on developing is the AnyBOM Assembly technology. The AnyBOM Assembly is designed to mitigate the incredible complexity that can result from the large number of potential design variations that are common in […]

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Creo 1.0 and Digital Prototyping


In a recent article, I said Creo 1.0 adds value to business in many ways you might not have thought of.  But nearly everyone has thought about digital prototyping. It’s one of the most powerful reasons company’s use CAD systems. It saves money on building physical prototypes, improves communication and product quality, and encourages innovation […]

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Design World: Multiple Products Help Boost Productivity at Axeon

“Axeon implemented the design software suite Creo to develop various components of the battery. Specifically, they are using Creo Schematics to design the electrical and wiring schematics, Creo Parametric for the mechanical design, Cabling Extension to route cable directly on the model, and Creo Simulate to simulate prior to manufacture. Creo enabled Axeon to subject […]

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