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Creo Reactions: Stay Social with Creo 1.0


Did you know that Creo has a vibrant presence on the social networks? We haven’t released the software yet, and we’ve already built a combined following of over 4,100 people on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What are our communities talking about? Here’s a sample from our Twitter feed: @SolidSmack Got a first look at Creo […]

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Unifying ECAD and MCAD: Blurring the Lines Between Disciplines


Nearly all products today—ranging from cars to industrial equipment to medical devices—contain some type of electronic device. The integration of electronic components in products complicates the design process because it requires the unification of what has traditionally been viewed as two diverse disciplines: electrical and mechanical engineering. Electronics are being developed and produced faster than […]

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CMI Review: Microsite Yields Big Results for PTC

‘Software design firm PTC understood the benefits of creating a specialized microsite. In CMI’s case study, “Going Micro for a Macro Idea”, you’ll learn how they built and leveraged a microsite to build community and industry awareness prior to the release of Creo, a new software suite.’ Read the full article.

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Partner Products & Creo 1.0: Ban flimsy cheap plastic parts with Simpoe


Car dashboards that bend under your finger tips. Children’s toys with ugly merge lines. Electronic housings that look old within a couple weeks. Sure, plastics can be economical, but do they have to look nasty and cut-rate? No. With great design software and great simulation software, engineers get more from plastics. Good software alerts engineers […]

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Creo 1.0: Just the app’s mam: Creo View ECAD

We’ve all heard “A picture is worth a thousand words” – the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly. One of the biggest issues facing many […]

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Creo 1.0 and ‘CAE and FEA workflow’


At PTC, we think modeling paradigms that don’t work well together cause most CAD challenges. Creo, however, works across all the paradigms so users can move seamlessly from a parametric modeler to a direct modeler to 2D, etc. And that benefits everyone. In a recent article, for example, I showed how an organization using parametric modeling […]

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Machine Design: CAD Technology Guide, Breaking barriers to product development

“Many users indicate they are still leery of learning and implementing 3D CAD because it is too difficult to learn. But CAD should be as easy to use as other productivity tools such as PowerPoint or Excel so everyone on the product team can contribute. In developing Creo, PTC broke down the main barriers keeping […]

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Capitalizing on Growth Through Acquisitions


One way in which companies can grow and expand is through the acquisition of another company. This is done for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes the goal is to “buy” customers. In others it is buying companies for their product or technology. Let’s take a closer look at why companies make acquisitions and the challenges […]

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TEC Review: Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation – Part 2

“PTC’s PLM solutions suite addresses common challenges that product companies, in particular discrete manufacturing companies, face in their product development processes, including PDM (often involving multiple CAD file formats), communication and collaboration with the extended enterprise, product/project/program and portfolio management (PPM), engineering change management (ECM), requirements management, regulatory compliance, technical and marketing documentation, product quality and […]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Globalized Product Development


Product development has transitioned to a global endeavor for many industries with products being increasingly broken down into parts, each created in multiple centers around the globe, then brought back together for integration and testing. This transition has vastly changed the landscape for manufacturers who must maintain cohesive, unified operations that continue to drive growth […]

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