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Time Compression Review: Introducing PTC Creo

PTC is the eponymous parametric-pioneer Parametric Technology Corporation ( Its new CAD system makes the tradeoffs in 2D/3D and direct/parametric design moot by incorporating all of those approaches. “Creo is going to support 2D drafting, 3D direct modeling, 3D parametric modeling, assembly-based modeling, and PLM-based modeling of assemblies,” says Mike Campbell, divisional vice president of […]

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Global Shortage of Engineers Presents Challenges to Industry


While many countries are grappling with high unemployment numbers, tech companies in Silicon Valley and other high-tech regions are waging wars with each other, fighting over talent. Prospects are being lured away from jobs, being offered perks such as iPads, stock options, and the opportunity to bring their dogs to work. The shortage of qualified engineers has grown […]

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TEC Review: Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation – Part 1

“With Creo, PTC will have one design software suite with applications for both [parametric and direct] modeling approaches that share the user interface (UI) and file formats so that users can move between both modeling modes and design models with relative ease.” Read the full article.

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Behind the Scenes: Adoption Aids for Creo 1.0

We know from our interview with Matt Cohen that PTC University exists to train our users, and that LearningExchange is a web site featuring how-to and other useful videos by our developers and various PTC experts. Best of all, LearningExchange is completely free—just because we want you to succeed at using PTC products. Now, the […]

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Creo 1.0: Choose ‘All of the Above’


From art to part, many companies develop in 3D using all-parametric all the time. Or all-direct all the time. Either way, they’re pretty set. So why is Creo now suggesting an alternative—a sometimes parametric, sometimes direct environment for 3D modeling? It’s not just because direct modeling fortifies parametric modeling. And it’s not just because parametric […]

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INNEO takes Creo 1.0 on the road


INNEO has just announced a 10-city road show for Creo 1.0. The long-time PTC partner expects more than 1,000 people to attend its tour as it travels throughout Germany. The show opens May 17 in Ingolstadt, home of Audi, and closes a little more than a week later in Meissen, home of Meissen porcelain. What’s […]

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Skyrocketing Raw Material Costs Force Manufacturers to be Innovative


The manufacturing industry is finally showing some signs of life, expanding at the fastest pace since 2004. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reports that its manufacturing gauge rose to 61.4% in February, up from 60.8% in the prior month, marking 19 consecutive months of growth. That’s good news, right? Well, yes, and no. Though […]

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In one minute or so: How is Creo different from other vendors’ offerings?

It seems like every vendor offers a direct modeling option with their parametric solutions. In this group of video responses to your most frequently asked questions, Mike Campbell, Divisional Vice President of Creo Product Development, explains how we serve the non-parametric user as well. We’ve summarized his answers in just a few words (for you […]

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Creo 1.0 Reactions: The Beta Testers

You’ve already met the Creo 1.0 Beta testers, seasoned users of PTC products who put the product suite through its paces, using their own data and own tests. At the end of the testing, we asked them what they see as the highlights of Creo 1.0 so far. Would it be useful back home in […]

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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Creo Beta Testers

Previously, we described the importance of Beta testing, and how it helps validate the Creo products. Beta testers tell us what they think about our products and the key features we’re including in Creo 1.0. In this series of videos, Beta testers talk about their backgrounds and the value they see in taking part in Beta […]

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