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Behind the Scenes: PTC’s Customer Advisors take on Creo 1.0

We’ve talked at length about ways PTC collects user feedback for the Creo product via usability studies and technical committees. This week, we’re hearing from another group for valuable customer feedback: The Board of Customer Advisors (BOCA). John Buchowski, VP of Creo Product Management at PTC, is hosting PTC’s BOCA for Creo this week. I […]

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Microsoft PRIME: Scrum, SharePoint, and SocialLink drive Creo development

The Microsoft Prime magazine (for manufacturers) takes a closer look at how Scrum agile product development process, Microsoft SharePoint, and Windchill SocialLink are supporting the development of Creo 1.0 – PTC’s new suite of design software. Read the full article in Spring’s edition of  the Microsoft Prime magazine.

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200th Article: We’ve come a long way in just five months


Consider this, before October 28th, no-one had ever heard of Creo, PTC’s suite of design software.  Now, it seems everyone is talking about it and anxiously awaiting our mid-June release. Today we celebrate our 200th post on In case you missed any of it, here’s a look back at our not-so-long road so far: […]

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DesignNews: PTC Fleshes Out Creo Apps Strategy

Months after its big fall introduction of the totally revamped Creo, PTC has been steadily filtering out information about the design platform-in-progress, using social media (@PTC_Creo), eBooks, YouTube videos and a variety of other communications forums to tell the Creo story. In its most recent conversation with customers and the media, PTC management released more […]

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Crowdsourcing and Product Design


For some the first question that might pop in their mind after reading that headline is “what in the heck is crowdsourcing?” So let’s take a minute first and identify what is it before plunging into how it’s affecting product design. Crowdsourcing, by definition, is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee […]

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In one minute or so: Creo 1.0 apps and extensions (Part 10)

What’s the difference between an extension and an app? In this group of video responses to your most frequently asked questions, Mike Campbell, Divisional Vice President of Creo Product Development, explains the differences, what you can expect from extensions, and what apps look like in the Creo 1.0 release. We’ve summarized his answers in just a few […]

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Just the Apps, Ma’am: The technologies shaping Creo

With just 80 days to go before we release Creo 1.0, we’re ready to talk hard facts (ma’am). We’ve already told you something about the nine Creo apps planned for the first release. But behind those apps are a group of breakthrough technologies. Sandy Joung, Senior Product Marketing Director, talked to me recently about two […]

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Creo 1.0: Just the Apps: New apps, New names

As promised, we now have names for all the Creo 1.0 role-based apps, planned for release in June 2011.  You’ll see we pretty much kept the names as short and descriptive as we could. Kind of keeps it easier for everyone. So, without further fuss… Henceforth: Creo Parametric is the app for parametric modeling (as […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Enforcers: ScrumMasters

For Scrum, the agile product development process being used to develop Creo, one key role, that of the ScrumMaster, is fully committed to both the scrum process and the development of Creo 1.0 – they are the enforcers. At PTC, ScrumMasters are uniquely talented and have god-like powers, often having developed their skills in complex […]

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Protecting Intellectual Property


All businesses have trade secrets; information that they would rather keep confidential that is valuable to a company’s growth and competitive advantage. This could include technical information (formulas, designs, tools, manufacturing processes, and computer source codes) as well as business secrets (customer and employee lists, financial and accounting data, and product and marketing plans). Such […]

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