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CAD interoperability – Is it a problem?


Most CAD managers have by now read about the costs associated with juggling multiple CAD formats. For the more than 10 years analysts, journalists, and vendors have been repeating that “interoperability issues cost the US automotive industry about $1 billion per year and delays the introduction of new models by at least two months.”1 But […]

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Appian Way Review: Thoughts about PTC’s new Creo 3D CAD product

“From the demo I have witnessed, Creo is impressive on first appearances. Especially being able to seamlessly import other CAD data into the 3D direct modeler, make a modification, then continue editing the file in the 3D parametric modeler.” Read the full aricle.

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In one minute or so: How disruptive is this going to be? (part 8)

Creo is an exciting breakthrough in the CAD industry, but for established PTC users, concerns arise about how the technology might impact existing data. In this group of videos, Mike Campbell, Divisional Vice President of Creo Product Development, answers questions about just how much disruption you can expect. We’ve summarized his answers in just a […]

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DEVELOP3D: The Jim Heppelmann interview

“The key story for the manager is how data flows from 2D ideation, to 3D ideation, to 3D engineering – then over to simulation, manufacturing, technical publication and then downstream to documentation. And this intellectual property asset is getting re-used and re-leveraged and value added to it, and harvested in other areas. This is the […]

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The Importance of Intercompany Collaboration


Getting input from your customers and key design partners for and buy-in to new products and services is essential to creating products that meet expectations and succeed in the today’s increasingly competitive market. The reason is simple; if you don’t know the needs of your customers, how can you possibly deliver a product that meets […]

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Danish Review by Jern og Maskinindustrien

“The ability to seamlessly jump back and forth between the powerful parametric modeling and user-friendly direct modeling modes is one of the core benefits of PTC strategy. …PTC promises that Creo will solve the problems of usability, interoperability, adoption of third party CAD data and manage large complex configurations. It’s a lot even for PTC, and journalists from […]

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The Creo Pledge

Creo isn’t just a new technology or idea. For us, it’s a philosophy. We captured this philosophy in “The Creo Pledge,” and since we launched Creo in October 2010, we’ve been carrying that pledge around with us everywhere. We tack it up on the walls of our booth, consult it as we develop the software, […]

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Behind the Scenes: PTC University “Educates” the Creo Blog

In a recent article, ”Best Practices for CAD Training,” we reviewed some of the best practices to ensure users get the proper training to get their jobs done, even in a bad economy. We invited Matt Cohen, Divisional Vice President of PTC University, to tell us more about PTC’s approach to training. GH: Before we start, […]

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“CAD is finally worth our time again.” Chad Jackson, from Lifecycle Insights and “..they [PTC] honestly think the industry needs to rethink how CAD is used. Even if the implication is that PTC themselves may not have had it perfectly right in the past and is in the process of ‘righting the ship’ with Creo. […]

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Creo 1.0 Demonstrated to PTC/USER Technical Committees

Brian Thompson, Director of Creo Product Management at PTC, hosted some key Creo sessions at January’s face-to-face technical committee meetings in Needham, Massachusetts. In these sessions customers had the opportunity to view Creo 1.0 in action and give feedback on what they’d like to see in future releases. We caught up with Brian Thompson to […]

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