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CAD Managers: How To Keep Your Team Happy

As a manager, you are often tasked with imposing standards, enforcing rules, mandating training, and mediating disputes—not always gaining popularity in the process. In order to be an effective manager, however, you must have a good relationship with your users while also maintaining a clear line of communication. While you can’t prevent users from being […]

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Best Practices For File Management

For CAD managers, keeping track of the barrage of CAD drawings, models and associated files can be a real headache. When files are not managed properly, time can be wasted looking for files that might have been stored in the wrong place, documents can get lost or overwritten, and models can be released prematurely causing […]

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Creo reactions from PlanetPTC Live in China

During our PlanetPTC Live events, we captured the great reactions we’ve received from our customers about Creo. Here’s some from those attending the PlanetPTC Live event in Shanghai during December. Note: The videos are in Chinese language. “Creo has so many capabilities, it’s really cool”. “Creo can fully meet our future needs.” “Creo is very powerful […]

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Euromold: INNEO present Creo to the World’s Mold & Tool Makers


Euromold is the World’s Fair for mold making and tooling, design and application development. Attendance this year was strong, with over 55,000 trade visitors from 86 countries attending the four day event this year. This year’s 17th EuroMold event took place in Frankfurt, Germany, between December 1st and 4th, 2010 – and almost 42% of […]

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PLM and COFES Israel: People Just Want to Drink a Beer!

I gave my top rank to the slide from the presentation of Brian Shepherd of PTC. The complexity is one of the biggest problems of PLM. However, like Brian said – people just want to drink a beer. In my translation – people just want to get a job done. Read the full article

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plm think tank: PLM Innovation and Packaging Trajectories

Brian Shepherd of PTC brought the idea of packaging in PLM. It made me think about some interesting trajectories related to the innovation in general and more specifically in PLM. Read the full article

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Creo and INNEO present at Swisstech


As PlanetPTC Live events ran around the world in November and December, many of our partners were spreading the Creo message at regional events, like user groups, seminars, and exhibitions. In this interview, PTC partner INNEO tells us about the Swisstech show in Switzerland. In central Europe, Swisstech is the only exhibition between Frankfurt and […]

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Desktop Engineering: Kenneth Wong shares his reactions to Creo

“I really like the idea of breaking down a complicated CAD program into manageable smaller chunks” Kenneth Wong has been a regular contributor to the CAD industry press since 2000, first an editor, later as a columnist and freelance writer for various publications. During his nine-year tenure, he has closely followed the migration from 2D […]

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Technicom: Ray Kurland shares his reactions to Creo

“I was impressed – and quite frankly, I wasn’t prepared to be” Ray Kurland, President of TechniCom and Editor of TechniCom’s eWeekly, shares his impressions of the recently announced Creo – PTC’s strategy and vision for design software. Visit Ray’s blog We recorded his reactions to Creo during our launch event on October 28th, 2010.

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BeyondPLM: Oleg Shilovitsky shares his reactions to Creo

“What I’ve seen is a very good understanding of the industry” Oleg Shilovitsky has been designing and developing software products for data management, engineering and manufacturing for the last 20 years. His blog is his contribution to the community of people looking for information about Engineering and Manufacturing Software. Visit Oleg’s blog We recorded his […]

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