See AnyRole Apps in Action: “Simple Apps make sense”

Continuing with our show and tell demos, let’s look closer at AnyRole Apps technology in Creo.

Not everybody needs their CAD system to be a career path. For many in product development the full-blown parametric modeler is just plain overkill.  Maybe you need to draft a 2D drawing. Maybe you just want to create work instructions.  Maybe you’re only interested in conceptual design.

That’s why we’re using the apps approach to make it simpler and more accessible. With AnyRole Apps, you use just the technology and features you need for the job at hand. What does that mean in Creo? Here are a few short demos:

In this one, see how a user creating a design might approach a 2D drawing:

Here, we demo an industrial designer approach to using a conceptual design app:

And finally, a demo showing how a service planner might use Creo for 3D based work instructions:

At the Creo launch in Boston in October, we talked with participants (many of whom have made a career path out of their CAD systems), about this idea for modularizing the technology. They saw the benefits right away:

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