See AnyMode Modeling In Action: “Art to Part” Seamlessly

Product developers will endure only so much talk about “vision” and “CAD as we know it” before they start trying to see what’s behind the curtain.  So while we’ve been talking big picture and strategy, the blogosphere has been trying to guess at what all this really means to the designers who have to use the software day to day

We’ve tried to help by showing Creo demos and answering questions at various events around the world. In fact, many of the links above lead to reports from bloggers who attended such events. But, as you might guess, everyone else would rather see for themselves.

Understandable. Let’s start with AnyMode Modeling.

AnyMode Modeling is the Creo technology that takes you from 2D to direct to parametric modeling seamlessly. Or as Mike Campbell says, “with fluency.” Here’s what that means:

You might also be interested in what other product development professionals said once they saw the demo and had a few questions answered.

Keep checking back. In a few days, We’ll post a handful of AnyRole Apps demos as well.

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  1. Richard Reim
    Posted Jan 26, 2011 at 5:36 am | Permalink

    some suggestions for coming release of creo elements/pro 6.0:
    -planes: changing style (color, border-line-type and -thickness) and size should be possible; saving to file individually (so that different display of planes is possible depending on loaded file)
    -parameters: import full, associative parameter-list (all dimensions of part e.g.) to relations-window, controlled by configuration-option: allways (automatic) or manual on demand; gathers all parameters on one place (instead of two, relations-window and program-window)
    -external relations: show file-name in relations to make external dependencies easily understandable
    – parameter-names: a mixture of small- and capital-letters within one parameter-name should be displayable in the relations-list for better readibility (many parameters in large assemblies need long names to get a good diferentiation)

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