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Partner Support: SIMPOE plastics simulation software ready for Creo

Simpoe, the French vendor of plastic injection simulation software, has announced the integration of its fully embedded plastic injection simulation solution SimpoePro with the forthcoming PTC Creo. Simpoe says the application will be available when Creo begins shipment, currently expected in June 2011. Simpoe is a member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program at the Gold […]

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Creo Reactions: CADplace Interviews Mike Campbell at PlanetPTC in Stuttgart, Germany

Watch Cadplace’s video interview of Mike Campbell, Divisional VP for Creo Product Development at PlanetPTC Live in Stuttgart, Germany. Over 800 attendees had the chance to hear about PTC’s vision, strategy, and product plans, with a clear focus on Creo – PTC’s next generation design software.

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Creo Reactions: CADplace Interviews John Buchowski and others at PlanetPTC in Paris, France

Watch CADplace’s video interview with John Buchowski, VP of Creo Product Management, and PTC partners at PlanetPTC in Paris, France.  Over 475 attendees had the chance to hear about PTC’s vision, strategy, and product plans, highlights include Creo – PTC’s next generation design suite.

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PlanetPTC Live: Stuttgart Revisited


The Stuttgart PlanetPTC Live started just hours after the Paris event ended. Even though I’d had no time to recover from the city of lights, I was energized to be returning to my old home base. I’m working from Boston now, but I’ve spent the past 20 years of my career in Sindelfingen, just 20 […]

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Creo Launch Event


Along with hundreds of attendees wrapped around the block of the Park Plaza Castle in Boston, we awaited entry into PTC’s launch event for its long-awaited new product, code-named Project Lightning. Attendees, which included members of the press, bloggers and analysts, and many of PTC’s customers were eager to finally hear more detail to what […]

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Designs Move in Parallel: The New Collaborative Paradigm

Before the advent of modern 3D design tools and collaborative design practices, products moved through the product development process in a very structured sequential fashion. Designers would flush out design ideas  during the concept phase and then, once approved, create 2D drawings or schematics. Based on those 2D drawings and relevant engineering calculations, designs might […]

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See AnyRole Apps in Action: “Simple Apps make sense”

Continuing with our show and tell demos, let’s look closer at AnyRole Apps technology in Creo. Not everybody needs their CAD system to be a career path. For many in product development the full-blown parametric modeler is just plain overkill.  Maybe you need to draft a 2D drawing. Maybe you just want to create work […]

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See AnyMode Modeling In Action: “Art to Part” Seamlessly

Product developers will endure only so much talk about “vision” and “CAD as we know it” before they start trying to see what’s behind the curtain.  So while we’ve been talking big picture and strategy, the blogosphere has been trying to guess at what all this really means to the designers who have to use […]

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PlanetPTC Live: Two Days in Paris

Jim Heppelmann introduces Creo at PlanetPTC Live Event

There was so much activity at the PlanetPTC event in Paris this week, it’s hard to say what one thing drew most of the 475 plus that registered. As you might expect, everyone was curious about the new Creo suite and how it would impact existing PTC software. Many were there for the training sessions […]

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Creo Reactions in Japan

Here’s some of the great reactions we’ve received from media and press in Japan regarding Creo at our November 8th press and media event. “Unveiling Creo was what I have been looking for since I attended Media and Analyst Event at Orlando in June.” Nikkei Monozukuri “I am filled with so much about Creo in […]

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