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Desktop Engineering: PTC Lightning: Prelude to PTC Creo 1.0

Creo represents “PTC’s vision for the next 20 years of mechanical design,” said Brian Shepherd, PTC’s executive VP of product development. Instead of a single software platform, Creo is “a suite of interoperable, role-specific applications designed from the ground up to be an open system,” he added. Read the full story  

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Computer Business Review: PTC Takes the Wraps off Project Lightning with New Creo Suite

Parametric Technology Corp (PTC) finally took the wraps off its much-anticipated ‘Project Lightning’ yesterday, revealing it to be a suite of CAD products that it says revolutionises creativity and productivity for a variety of different kinds of staff Read the full article

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Managing Automation Reviews PTC’s Creo

Even as PLM vendors PTC and Dassault announce strong quarterly results, PTC says it will take its PLM and CAD products in a new direction. Read the full article

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PLM ThinkTank: PTC Creo – AnyThing Possible?

So, it finally happened. After almost 6 months of official preparation, PTC launched a new product line – Creo. I had a chance to attend this event today in Boston and made few pictures. Read the full story

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Event Replays: Creo 1.0, Unveiling of Creo, and more

On June 13, 2011, thousands of customers, industry and media people gathered in Las Vegas for PlanetPTC Live, and the Creo 1.0 release. Thousands also joined online from across the globe. Weren’t able to make it to the Creo 1.0 event? Want to experience it again? We’ve two recommended replays. View Brian Shepherd, our EVP of […]

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Today PTC finally revealed Creo, codenamed Project Lightning. To say that the company has been making a lot of noise about it would be an understatement. … In summary, Creo is the name for a new brand of design and visualization products from PTC. Read the Full Story

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Develop3D: PTC Creo – The Future of CAD for the Next 20 Years?

It’s happened: PTC have pulled out all the stops to launch Creo – what it believes to be the future of CAD for the next 20 years. A super suite of ‘Apps’ launching next summer is what PTC is hoping will answer the “four big problems” facing CAD users today. Read the Full Article

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Desktop Engineering: PTC Reveals Project Lightning as Creo

Roundup on Creo announcement from Desktop Engineering: Today, with production values rivaling a Hollywood studio set, PTC revealed its strategy to “define the mechanical CAD market for the next 20 years” by unveiling the Creo product suite, formerly known as “Project Lightning.” The announcement began by rounding up “prisoners” (people dressed in orange jumpsuits) who […]

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Time Compression: PTC Launches Creo

More Creo event coverage from Time Compression: Creo is Latin for to create, make. Which is undoubtedly appropriate for the name of the new product design and development suite of software that PTC unveiled today. After all, the whole objective behind creating a product design is to make it, right? Read the Full Article

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FAQs About Creo from October’s Launch

Quick Links What is Creo? What challenges is Creo addressing? What is unique about Creo? When will Creo be available? Which languages will be available for Creo1.0? Will there be a beta product for Creo? What is the impact to existing PTC products? In which specific maintenance releases will the rebranding begin to occur? Are […]

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