Bissell and PTC Creo Make Pet Cleanup Faster and More Attractive

Everyone loves their pets, but no one loves the mess. That’s why BISSELL Homecare, Inc., a company that’s been helping people tidy things up since 1876, designed an extensive line of carpet cleaners, vacuums, spot cleaners, and floor cleaners with pet owners in mind. Whether you need to clear away pet hair, tracked in dirt, […]

Why CAD Companies Can’t Ignore Subscription Licensing

There’s a backlash brewing in the world of software and it’s been percolating for some time. Partly due to economic pressures, fueled by the wealth of vendor and software options and enabled by the juggernaut of cloud, the way software is purchased is undergoing a radical shift. While companies are not quite ready to cut […]

Did You Know? PTC Creo 3.0 Enhancements: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Up until now, preparing a model for 3D printing typically involved a number of software tools to design, optimize, and validate the design.  But switching among tools can be inefficient, error-prone, and disconnected. That’s why PTC recently introduced new capabilities to support 3D printing within PTC Creo. With the newly released PTC Creo 3.0 M040, you […]

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How to Optimize Designs for 3D Printing with PTC Creo

With 3D printing (or more correctly, additive manufacturing), product developers have new options for prototyping, tooling, sourcing, and even producing parts. But with all these new options come new requirements for modeling. As engineers design products that will be manufactured via 3D printing, they need to know whether the model will survive the printing process […]

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How American Augers Cut 25% Off Design Time with PTC Creo

Suppose you need to run a pipeline across the countryside, but you don’t want to disrupt existing surface features and infrastructure—such as railways, highways, or streams and rivers. Your solution can be found in what’s called “trenchless technology,” a method for creating infrastructure by boring under the earth’s surface. Trenchless encompasses several different techniques for […]

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By now, everyone has seen a mobile capture device—whether you’ve signed for a package at your door or have seen a handheld scanner at the grocery store. Most of these devices come from one of two major producers, Motorola and Honeywell. But look closer, and you might notice a third name on most of those […]

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PTC PLM Cloud: More Return, Less Investment

All businesses, no matter their size, look for a positive return on their investments. A product lifecycle management solution is no exception. If you’re a small-to-medium business, investing in an enterprise-level PLM is a capital expenditure you just can’t justify. Not only is the initial hardware and software investment beyond your budget, but you can’t […]

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Top Taiwanese OEM Improves Leverage of Client Designs with PTC Creo

If you ever visit Tainan City, Taiwan, look for the Taiwan Metal Creation Museum. This unique cultural center is dedicated to the history and importance of a seemingly ordinary commodity—sheet metal. Founded by Chih Kang Material Company Ltd., the museum illustrates how sheet metal is not only fabricated into a key component of many modern products, […]

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