Tips and Tricks: Create a Shrinkwrap Feature in PTC Creo

A “shrinkwrap” collects and copies surface data from an assembly into a single, lightweight feature. With shrinkwrap features, much of the internal detail is excluded, so you can also use it to protect your intellectual property when you share an assembly. Plus, if you struggle with downloading and manipulating large assemblies (see the video below), […]

Why Best-in-Class Manufacturers Use 3D Modeling

In the age of conspicuous consumption, consumers are consistently seeking newer, better, and increasingly more complex products. And that creates stiff competition for manufacturers—especially those who still rely on 2D CAD systems. According to a report on small- to medium-sized companies from the Aberdeen Group, “3D CAD is a critical application with the promise to […]

Why CAD Companies Can’t Ignore Subscription Licensing

There’s a backlash brewing in the world of software and it’s been percolating for some time. Partly due to economic pressures, fueled by the wealth of vendor and software options and enabled by the juggernaut of cloud, the way software is purchased is undergoing a radical shift. While companies are not quite ready to cut […]

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Desktop Engineering: Managing Your Design Engineering Material Data

A full understanding of materials is crucial to product development, yet the decision to gather, store and use material data in a modern automated fashion has for the most part eluded the users of mainstream CAD/PLM/SCM technology. All of the software vendors that DE spoke with agree that most engineering companies, regardless of size, are still […]

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Free Downloads for Students: Part 2. PTC Academic Licensing Explained

You may already know that PTC offers free licenses of its software for students and all levels. You probably also know that “student” versions of  software can mean different things to different people. We get lots of questions about who qualifies, what’s in the software, and how long students can keep it. That’s why I […]

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CAD Trends and Challenges: Simulation

Simulation is one of the great innovations in computer-aided design. Everyone knows that if you can simulate, you can skip prototypes (well, some of them), pass testing faster, and generally create more optimized products. By now simulation is everywhere. Right? We weren’t actually sure about that. We know from previous Aberdeen Research over the years […]

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Free Downloads for Students. Part 1: An Introduction to PTC Academic Programs

PTC is an enthusiastic supporter of STEM education in schools, sponsoring programs for students of all ages. We do this by offering software, training, curriculum, awards, and mentorship. In fact, you’ll find PTC software used in 25,000 secondary schools and 2500 universities in 50 countries around the world. Add it up, and that’s about 10 […]

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RoboSpartans Blog: RoboSpartans Set Out to Grow PTC in Central New York

The RoboSpartans FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team came home from the World Championship in St. Louis with quite a list of goals for their next season.  At the top of that list, in huge print, were the letters PTC. As team member Timothy Ha put it “At Worlds, we suddenly found ourselves in a sea […]

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