The Best 3D CAD Tools Combine Parametric and Direct Modeling

Editor’s Note: Do you agree that the best product design strategies combine both parametric and direct modeling? Why or why not? We want to know! Be sure to submit your comments in the text box at the bottom of this page. The most innovative manufacturing companies today use a combination of parametric and direct 3D […]

Parametric vs. Direct Modeling: Which Side Are You On?

Editor’s Note: What’s your take on the parametric vs. direct modeling debate? We want to know! Be sure to submit your comments in the text box at the bottom of this page. Engineers have long debated the virtues of parametric versus direct modeling. Some like the freedom and flexibility of direct modeling, while others prefer […]

Three Manufacturers That Can’t Live Without Direct Modeling

The world’s most innovative manufacturers have something in common, regardless of which industry they operate in: They value flexible product design tools. That’s why many of them use direct modeling in combination with parametric modeling. The approach helps their ideas evolve quickly from concept to final, detailed design. Here’s a quick look at three manufacturers […]

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Best Practices for Overcoming the Top CAD Challenges


The continual pressure to bring products to market faster and the constant need to effectively manage change are two of the biggest challenges facing engineers and designers who use CAD software. The good news is that there are some key steps engineering organizations can take to overcome these obstacles and thrive, according to analyst firm […]

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Designing Better Smartphone Cases with PTC Creo

We’ve talked a lot here about electronic gadgets and the technologies inside of them.  PTC users contribute to the video displays, the sensors, the flexible printed circuits, and the optics used in consumer electronics. But there’s one other thing that every mobile phone, tablet, remote control, shaver, and digital camera needs. A good case. Janus […]

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PTC in High Tech: Syncomm Makes Smart TVs Smarter with PTC Creo

It used to be that an “entertainment center” was a heavy oak piece of furniture that took up a wall of the living room. It housed your TV, game consoles, VHS tapes, video player, and maybe the photo albums too. It all seems so primitive in retrospect. Today, a smart TV replaces all of that. […]

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PTC Creo LinkedIn Group Surpasses 10,000 Members!


The PTC Creo team is very pleased to announce that our LinkedIn group has surpassed the 10,000 member milestone! LinkedIn members use the group to connect with other PTC Creo users, ask questions, and exchange ideas. In the past two weeks, we’ve seen discussions exploring: How Unite technology really works. Who PTC’s most notable customers […]

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Aberdeen Research Reveals Best Practices in BOM Management


If you’re not managing your Bill of Materials (BOM), you’re flirting with failure. According to a new report from analyst firm Aberdeen Research, companies that don’t keep BOMs up to date or fail to give access early to the right people face delays and missed deadlines—especially as products become more complex. Based on a survey […]

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