The PTC Creo Blog Wants to Hear About Your Engineering Victories

A couple weeks ago, we noticed a press release from one of our customers. The New England company had just won a giant contract from a US government agency to develop a buoy that can predict the strength of hurricanes. Meanwhile in Russia, PTC Creo is hard at work in the country’s space program (as shown […]

Tips & Tricks: Add a Ruler or Scale to a Part in PTC Creo

In a recent presentation, mechanical engineer Don Rich described the process he uses at Keithley Instruments to add a custom ruler-like scale to his sketches (see image below). “In our industry, we use rail systems that are about 7-feet high,” says Rich. “They have u-spacing (rack unit spacing) of 1.75 inches high.” The problem is, […]

When Manufacturers Don’t Make the Most of 3D CAD, We All Lose

I typically end up doing informal technical support for family and friends. After all, if you “work with computers” you automatically know how to fix everyone’s mobile phones, computers, internet routers – pretty much anything with a power cable and an Ethernet port. I’m sure you’re all familiar with someone arriving at your doorstep, proffering […]

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How 3D Printing Is Transforming Industry [Infographic]

While some companies are succeeding at producing high-quality molds, tooling, and manufacturing aids with 3D printers, others are still scrambling to figure out how best to incorporate the new technology into their systems. That’s according to this infographic recently published by PTC. The majority of companies now have access to 3D printers, but not all […]

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Brain Teaser: Never Miss Another National Spaghetti Day

It’s the holidays, and that means we’ll soon be eagerly putting away the gift wrap and clearing off the dining room table in preparation for National Spaghetti Day. For me, that means pasta, cheese, and old Sergio Leone movies. For the children, it’s a day to perfect their engineering skills as they build elaborate bridges […]

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Meet Dozer and His New Treads

For most of us, fall arouses images of football, heavy sweaters, and pumpkin spiced (fill in the blank here). But over at St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School in Boston, they’re thinking about autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and a character named Dozer. The Firebirds (Team 1965)  at St. Joseph’s are getting ready for the annual FIRST […]

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Concept Design: The Process Technology Forgot

It’s that time of year when consumers wait with baited breath to get their hands on this year’s top gift items—a wearable, perhaps, or maybe a sleekly designed pair of noise cancelling head phones. Yet well before the smart appliance, 3D printer, or space-age gaming system rolls into stores for the seasonal shop-a-thon, some engineer […]

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Tips & Tricks: Untrimming When Copying a Surface

When copying a surface or a quilt in PTC Creo Parametric 3.0, you can use new options to untrim the geometry to its original definition or to the envelope of its definition, while leaving the surface you copied from trimmed. To untrim a copied surface, follow these steps: Select a surface, and then click Model […]

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