Five engineering wonders in Blade Runner that now (sort of) exist

Blade Runner, a 1982 sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott, based on Philp K. Dick’s Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, provided a dystopian, gritty look of a future Los Angeles. It featured Harrison Ford as an ex-cop on the hunt for rogue human-like androids. It’s also chockfull of engineering designs and technical wonders. Unbelievably, […]

Designing Hoses and Tubes: Beyond the Lawn

If you’ve ever had to add hose or tube assemblies to your design, you know they can demand careful engineering. As you choose your materials and wall thicknesses, you have to think about the pressure, temperature, and elements your part is likely to encounter. You’ll have to consider connectors. And, as John Travolta so expertly […]

Five, cool engineering projects the media noticed in 2015

We all get busy. Projects are developed. Deadlines are given and then made (hopefully). Days turn into sleepless nights, then weeks, then into months, then it’s December and you’re (again, hopefully) reading a roundup of cool projects and inventions by engineers made during the year. It’s true. There were many amazing engineering feats accomplished this […]

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Tips & Tricks: Customizing Dimensions and Managing Large Drawings


Sometimes you need lengthy explanations and demos to learn how to do something new with your CAD design software. Other times, you just need a sentence or two to realize something’s possible. This post covers some of those one-sentence tips and tricks. Most of these are dead easy to do—but only if you know about […]

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PTC Creo, CAD Software for Romantics


Product development engineers and designers have passionate, fanciful natures.  Just look at the design at the end of this post. Who else but an engineer could have produced this quick drawing?  The rich colors and freshness of expression render passion tangible.  We don’t need any data at all to be 100% certain that this image […]

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Expanding the Team? Here’s Why You Should Think Subscription

Imagine your company, YourCADShop, wants to expand with a new engineering wing. You can already envision the new carpets, polished glass desks, and computers loaded with up-to-date versions of all the essential software design engineers use. Outfitted with seats of the best tools on the market, you can expect your team to crush it no […]

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The Superstars of Food Packaging

How often do you think about food packaging? If you answered “never,” you’re clearly not paying attention in the grocery store.  The bags, cartons, and heart-shaped boxes on display are constantly being reengineered to keep food safer, fresher, and more alluring. Thinking outside the (symmetrical) box. Next time you shop, take a closer look food packaging […]

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Improving Design Skills: Where to Find Inspiration


A couple months ago, we looked at how the types of forms typically associated with the industrial design community are now becoming the responsibility of mechanical engineers. This time, I’m going to give those that are tasked with creating more complex shapes and forms some things to think about, tips on how to learn more, […]

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